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Evening of ghazals at Jus Trufs

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BENGALURU:  In an attempt to revisit the 80’s and 90’s, an evening featuring Ram Nagaraj, a ghazal maestro in ‘Annmol Kkhazaane’ was held on January 22, 2017at Jus Trufs, Bangalore.

The ghazals and bollywood retro classics brought in nostalgia amongst the audience and reminded them of that era. Ram Nagaraj was accompanied by his student Mona Singh (vocals), Palani(table) and Pintu Mallick (guitar).

“I’ve been singing seriously since 1984 and want to keep singing till I close my eyes. I consider singing as my profession. My inspirations are Kishore Kumar, Jagjeet Singh and Roop Kumar Rathod, a very close friend of mine” said Ram Nagaraj.


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