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Ola and Uber drivers stage protest at Town Hall

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BENGALURU: Hundreds of Ola and Uber drivers staged a protest on Sunday 22 January morning at Town Hall, Bengaluru, against various policies and practices of Ola and Uber aggregators and the government.

One of the main reasons for the protest was to demand the aggregators to comply and strictly implement the recent Transportation Technology Aggregators Rules of 2016. This rule had fixed maximum fare and had made registration with transport department mandatory.


PROTESTERS GATHER IN FRONT OF TOWN HALL                                                                          JAYASIMHA

“In the recent times companies like Ola and Uber have purchased their own vehicles and are recruiting outer state people as drivers who are in need of jobs. This move is unethical as it is hitting hard on the already existing drivers and owners who have registered with Ola and Uber,” said a driver in the protest. This leaves drivers and owners with no other choice but to comply, he added.

The protestors demanded for the implementation of flat rates across the city including the airport drops, immediate and strict implementation of government decided policies and rates, immediate reduction of existing 30% commission to the previous 10%, to unblock the blacklisted drivers and owners and to stop recruiting and giving new contract to outer state people against the already existing agreements.

Tanveer Pasha, the State President of Ola, Tax4sure, Uber Owners and Drivers Association’ (OTU) said that predatory pricing and high commission especially for airport pick up’s is hitting hard the daily earnings of the drivers. ” This was a peaceful protest, if the government does not respond to our demands and agree to fulfill them then will have to go violent in the future,” he added.



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