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Safety has become an issue in the city

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BENGALURU: In the wake of many protests and marches in regard to women’s safety, there have been many incidents wherein men have been victims too. One among them is the recent incident that happened in Empire Restaurant, Indiranagar.

Kevin Joseph, one of the reputed B-Boys from Bengaluru who is also an ex-Josephite was slapped for staring at a group of drunken people staring down and passing comments at his friend.

Kevin said he was assaulted by a stranger from a group who were staring at his female friend.  As he stared back, one guy decided to get up and slap Kevin. He said that he did not choose to retaliate but rather kept his calm as he wanted to make them understand.

assault-domestic-violence (1).jpg


The CCTV footage showed how people including the staff of Empire restaurant just stood by and watched them create chaos inside their hotel. The customers decided to go back to eating their orders because it is not their problem and they don’t want to get their hands dirty, added Kevin.

“Regardless of gender, no one has the right to touch another person without their consent let alone hit them.  The time of the day should not matter, the clothes one wears does not matter but it is the way one thinks matters. Being part of the same gender, I feel embarrassed to know that we cannot change the way we think because it’s rooted so deep into our heads,” said Kevin. He took this ordeal to Facebook to garner public support.

Talking to The Beacon Kevin said, “I have filed a complaint so that I know I’ve done my part to help fix things.” The COO and GM of Empire Group of hotels, Junaiz Kizhakkayil addressed the issue with Kevin wherein Kizhakkayil informed that they are probing into the issue saying to figure out what triggered this incident and why it happened in the first place. He also added that there have been times when they have intervened out of humanity to curb situations since other customers dining should not get disturbed but it turned out that their staffs were beaten up by people on the contrary.


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