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Thiruvalluvar rally takes place at Ulsoor Lake

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BENGALURU: Thiruvalluvar day celebration was held on  January 22 at Ulsoor lake near Thiruvalluvar statue with the commencement of ThiruvalluvarSarvanyar rally organised by Bangalore Tamil Sangam.The programme also launched the first issue of ‘Ugravani’ a Kannada and Tamil monthly magazinefor January 2017 and a booklet‘Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar’.

The rally saw close to 200 policemen patrolling near Ulsoorlake for maintaining order. The programme was inaugurated by BBMP Mayor Smt. G.Padmavati .Other dignitaries present were P.C Mohan LokhsabhaMP of the Karnataka Constitution and Home Minister K.J George.


PARTICIPANTS AT THE RALLY                                                                                                                  TRESA

M.Sundareshan, executive member of Tamil Sangam told The Beaconthat “Every year the same day after Pongal onJaunary 15, we celebrate Valluvarday.’’He also added that the ‘Jallikattu’ protest which was scheduled to happen the same day had to be postponed as the Bangalore Tamil Sangam could not obtain consent from the police.

This rally is conducted in memory of Thiruvalluvar who was a great philosopher during second century BC. He had created a Tamil text depicting vedic scriptures in  his own style which talks about Dharma, Artha and Kama parts of the vedic scriptures.

 The statue of Thiruvalluvar was open to the public for the past 9 years. Former Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi inaugurated the opening of the statue.


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