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Organisations urge for decentralisation

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BENGALURU: ‘Fight for 43 new Talukas’ organisation has accused Chief Minister Siddaramiah of  purposefully delaying the approval of 43 new Talukas.

“C.M Siddaramaiah is delaying and cancelling plan of new Talukas approved by the previous government,” said Basavaraj Patil, President of the organisation.

“The government always says that they lack financial deficit in creating new Talukas and it will be a burden on the government. But this claim is false because the government has spent crores of public money for many other issues which in no way serve any public need,’’stated the press release.

Out of the 43 new Talukas approved, 23 places already have special Tahasildars and other offices. “There are plenty of government space empty which can be used as offices,” said President Basavaraj Patil.


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