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Outreach: SJC’s motto

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CAMPUS: The PG students of St Joseph’s College (SJC) had an evaluation of their outreach session to Sindagi,in Bijapur district, which adheres to the motto of the college. The session was presided by Fr Victor Lobo, Prinicipal, Dr Beatrice Sequeira, Vice Principal, Fr Brian Pereira, Rector and the mentors of the classes who visited Sindagi.

Students of first year Botany, Chemistry, Social Work and Mass Communication were addressed by Fr Brian Pereira on the importance of the outreach program at SJC. “The purpose of including this as a part of the PG course is to harness the power of the youth for social change,” he said. “We aim at making this an inclusive society,” he added.

The students will have to complete three more tasks, including tuition in slums/government schools, documentation and public rallies through the course of their PG program in order to complete the outreach program.

Outreach program at St Joseph’s College adheres to their motto.


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