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Perks of GPS in buses

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BENGALURU: The installation of GPS in commercial vehicles especially in buses is growing in number to protect and make transportation more convenient for the citizens of Bengaluru.

With the implementation of the Vehicle Monitoring System (VTMS) in 2014, 2000 out of 8000 buses of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have the Global positioning system (GPS) installed to monitor their route as well as keep a track of their speed and breaks ensuring the safety of their passengers.

Vishwanath K.S, General Manager of KSRTC told The Beacon that scrollers are installed in the buses to announce the arrival of each bus stop to passengers travelling in the bus. He also said that other information is made available on the Mitra app.

ETA (Estimated time of arrival), displayed at the bus stop will show the expected arrival time of the buses, which would be similar to a metro station and airport. This is yet to be implemented.

An official from BMTC said, “Only the vehicles are tracked and the information is kept confidential, what should be known to the public will be available through mobile apps, that is, BMTC app”.

After seeing the effect of the project on 500 buses in Mysuru, KSRTC decided to roll it out to 2000 inter-city buses.

Speaking to a source in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), it is understood that the monitoring department is separated from the transport department, that is, each transportation department has their own system monitoring their own commercial vehicles.


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