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Tech savvy kids outshine with their coding

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BENGALURU : 11 year old Mrinal Jain and 12 year old Shreyas Katuri of National Public School (NPS), Bengaluru have mastered the art of computer coding and have produced Erica, a virtual voice assistant app.

The sixth graders of NPS, H.S.R Layout are crafting a platform called ‘Erica’ which will work as a voice assistant like ‘Siri’. The mobile app shall gather information from the web and will function irrespective of the local language barriers. They have a vision to create this app in aid for the visually impaired.

The young tech geniuses were a part of the team CoderDragons, which comprised of coders with an average age of 30 years. Amongst 2248 applications, CoderDragons caught the attention of the public at the Go Hack 2017 contest. Go Hackathon, is a hackathon which is organised by Indonesian based transport and payment startup GO JEK.

“My parents are both software engineers, they introduced me to computers and coding from a young age. I began to code when I was in grade 2, it was a block language with which you can create 2-D animation and games. After that I moved on to advanced languages like Java script and Python,” said Mrinal Jain. Also he mentioned that his interest for coding began when his parents gifted him an Arduino Microcontroller, and he created his first Bluetooth enabled car which could be connected to a mobile phone and the controls can be managed.


Mrinal and Shreyas                                                                                                     RAHUL

“I started to code in the summer after reading Steve Job’s book. I started coding Scratch, which helped me to go to C and other programming languages,” said Shreyas Katuri.

“We mainly created this app for people who are visually impaired or for people who come across emergencies while driving,” added Mrinal Jain and Shreyas Katuri.

The kids also mentioned saying that they practice coding for an average of two hours per day.



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