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Ramalinga Reddy assures to solve taxi drivers’ problems

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BENGALURU : Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy intervenes to settle the problems of Ola and Uber drivers who protested on January 22 against various policies and practices of Ola and Uber aggregators.

Tanveer Pasha, the State President of ‘Ola, Taxi4sure, Uber Owner’s & Drivers Association,’ (OTU) speaking to The Beacon, said that former Chief Minister H.D.Kumaraswamy had requested the Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy to intervene in the matter and settle the issue as soon as possible.


Ramalinga Reddy                                                                                  

“Ramalinga Reddy has asked the concerned officials and officers to look into the matter seriously and immediately. He will also chair a meeting regarding this in the near future,” he said. He also added that officials from Ola and Uber will also be consulted.

He also said that the concerned government officers are apathetic towards their problems and that they do not pay heed to their requests. He also alleged that the concerned government officials do not act on their own when given a complaint but instead ask the complainant to catch hold of the culprits and surrender them to the officials.


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