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Bala Mela at SJC

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CAMPUS: Along with the celebration of the Republic Day, the college also celebrated Arrupe Day. The celebration is observed through a daylong programme dedicated to children from orphanages and the less privileged.

Aruppe Day is a yearly celebration, which is observed by the Jesuits community, and it has been taking place for the past three years in this college. Aruppe Day is dedicated to children. This year, around 500 children were invited and entertained with games, interaction sessions and meals.

“Aruppe Day is a celebration of the Aruppe Nivas, which is the residence of the Jesuits. It is mainly a community day, and we celebrate it differently. This year we have invited kids from orphanages from all over Bengaluru. We have sessions and games lined up for them, and also a cultural programme post lunch,” said Fr Pradeep, a resident from Aruppe Nivas and also a faculty member.


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