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St Joseph’s College celebrates 68th Republic Day

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CAMPUS: On the 68th Republic day of India, Rev. Fr Victor Lobo, hoisted the National Flag. Vice Principal Rev. Fr Clarence D’Souza, Akashay Mandlik, colleague and distinguished alumni of SJC, was in charge of the ‘All-NCC Women Contingent’ of Karnataka and Goa. Ashwini Dechamma, a student from the sister college, St Joseph’s PU led the contingent on January 26 in New Delhi. Mr Mandlik is also in charge for the Prime Minister’s NCC rally that will take place on January 28.

The Principal and the Vice Principal were greeted by the dignitaries. Chief Protocol Officer, Lt. Dr B.V Saumya Shekhar Iyer, Dr Paul Numnan represented all the defence personnel who had studied at SJC. Divakar K.M representative of all the staff members of SJC, alumni of the college, sports committee member representative Mr Lawrence Rodrigues and Ms Saumya. A.O., student council representative and many other committee representatives greeted the Principal and Vice principal.

The ceremony was followed by honouring the four NCC achievers from SJC, Cadet Rajat Kumar, Bipin Boparna, Shruti Rajendra and Nitin Kumar who achieved various feats in NCC last year.


Republic Day celebration in SJC, Bengaluru                                        Credits: Beacon Team

Rev. Fr Principal addressed the people, talking about what India has become in present time, by reflecting on the way things have turned out to be in the country. He talked about the culture, government, voting system, reservation, society and many more aspects that are highly affected. He also said “the democracy has become the government of the elite, by elite, for the elite, dividing people vertically and horizontally, in which the higher status, the elite form a separate nation, organising the motherland, in which politics has turned into commerce and trade, in which corruption has become a way of life in every sphere, in which both legislatures and deserting government are based on minority of vote cast, and therefore do not represent the people, in which violence has become the ultimate article of social unrest and social conflict, in which law and order has crumbled and the weaker section has become insecure and protectors has turned into killers, in which religion reduce to rituals knows no love or compassion, in which place of worship are vandalised  and public places blasted in bright daylight”.

Vice Principal while addressing the people, who talked about the real meaning of democracy and what the country should do. He talked about the history of January 26 and ended his speech by praying for the betterment of the country.


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