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5th Bangalore Literature Festival draws big crowds

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BENGALURU: It has been five years since Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF), a festival where writing is praised as a form of art, was launched in Bangalore. There was a line-up of journalists, writers, scholars, students and many more from different walks of life. The festival was held from December 17-18 last year, at the Royal Orchid Hospital in the Old Airport Road. Few of the books analysed this time were Inglorious Empire: The British Raj by Shashi Tharoor, One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat, The Sleep Solution: Secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep by Dr Manvir Bhatia, etc. BLF helps to stage books, by providing a platform to display creativity and talent. It is also acclaimed for inviting well known authors.


            Chetan Bhagat at BL                                                     CREDITS – TOI

As a non-profit trust, they have had four successful editions till date with over 500 national and international authors and speakers. The festival was first started with a principle of making it an annual literature festival in Bangalore. The motive behind this was to create a substantial and standardised space for people with an array of thoughts.

 BLF is also known to be India’s largest independent and community-funded literature festival. The fest focuses on how to bring talented people to their full potential so that they turn to fine authors, poets. It especially pays attention to the development of young minds.

During the fest, Sudha Murthy, a well known social worker, who also writes in Kannada and English language was in conversation with Chetan Bhagat. In her converstaion with Bhagat, she asked him about the amount of time that is spent while he writes a book. To this he replied that earlier it would take him almost three years to finish a book, but as time has passed, he has learned to anticipate his mistakes and now it takes him almost a year.

Mrs Murthy explained Bhagat how she was uncomfortable reading some pages of the book as it described some sexually explicit moments of the character, Radhika. She asked him the reason for such open description. He replied by stating that he wanted people to know that its okay for a girl to ask for what she wants. Another reason he gave was that he did not want people to know about sex through Google or pornographic websites.On being asked about the level of intimacy in his new book, he answered, “Even the girl feels like having fun, expressing her feelings. The girl also wants to experience that so called intimate love.”

Chetan Bhagat has written many books till now. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage was partly an autobiography with a slight change. While discussing about the book, in context to Two States he explains, “In my real life my father didn’t come for the wedding but in the book he came. Now even I believe that my father came for my wedding. Sometimes life gives bitter memories but a writer makes himself get involved in whatever he/she is writing and later starts believing his/her illusion,” he said to the crowd.

 Chetan Bhagat said to the Communique, “Being a writer is not easy but if you really have the power of imagination, which everyone has, its also not tough.


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