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How to ‘Drop it like it’s hot’ this season

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BENGALURU: India is currently experiencing an in-between weather for light layering, oversized shirts, light sweaters and turtle necks to comeback. From pantsuits to denims and bomber jackets, everyone in the fashion industry is on-trend with layers. Péro sneakers and white squeaky shoes are all in the trend.

Though the weather is a ruckus, this gives people in Bangalore a chance to explore their options from their wardrobe. For example, leather leggings are always chic throughout the year.

This cusp of weather and fashion season can either ‘make it’ or ‘break it’. It becomes difficult for one to strike the right balance between the two. Although you may want to bring your summer-autumn and autumn-winter wardrobe out together, it becomes important to understand that your whole ensemble has to stand through the chilly breezy evening and it has to complement the get-up.So your mix-and-match cannot go wrong at any given point.

Coming to shoes, you can just ditch your high heels and wedges for closed toe heels and block heels. It is for a fact that even if you have a gazillion pair of shoes, there is always space for another pair!


                                                CREDITS – JESSICACHAW.COM

But if you’re someone who likes to keep things less ‘bling bling and kaaching’ then ‘athleisure’ shoes are just perfect for you. “Athleisure is everywhere. It’s in work wear, casual wear. This is the trend that will go on this year. Athleisure is a billion dollar trend currently,” says Mohini Jadhav, creative lead from Ajio.

They are popular for a casual day and people who can carry unusual sense of style can consider options like intergalactic stilettos, geometric wedge or mirror covered platform heels or any other bright bling colour to make your style look out-of-the-box.

So ladies keep your cards ready and pick the right match this season. The top 7 Summer Spring trend for the year suggested are:

  1. Off shoulder dress/tops

Why: To look party-pretty-prefect is difficult. Be it a brunch with your girls or date night, this dress reigns supreme above all other. Off shoulder tops aka Bardot tops are making a comeback in both retail and runways. The off shoulder has made a comeback with an interesting twist this year, it is being accentuated with ruffles and flares (sleeve patterns). If there is any trend we are currently obsessed over, then this is it. This off shoulder makes the weather a total breeze. A must have!

  2.Metallic dress/ shoes

Why: When Kendal Jenner can pull it off, so can you. A metallic dress will always have my vote. A merrymaking staple, you can always count on trusty metallics to ensure that your fashionista title remains intact as you dance your way through the parties. I think the white sneakers have become too staple for every girl, it has become very monotonous now. Maybe it’s time to up the ante. Slip on these shiny shoes to make a bold statement for any party.

  1. Oversized

Why: this is the right time to rock the 90’s look. The denim jackets are literally everywhere. An oversized jacket is just what you need. An oversize is a must have for summer spring this year.

Anything with interesting graphic detail, contrast tipping on necks and sleeves, elbow length, define the oversize proportions.


                                             CREDITS – STYLISHWIFE.COM

4. Ruffle

Why: A little ruffle mixes well with androgyny and brings back the ever classic shirt a sweet update. Ruffles are an important detail, more contemporary and structured forms emerging this season. “ If you are going to wear a loose ruffle shirt, keep it simple by pairing it with a skinny jeans so that the proportions balance out,” says Katja Esters, creative lead at Ajio.

  1. Romantic bows and ties

Why: knots and ties have been updated for the summer spring collection for next year. Stay ahead of time, guys!

  1. Tassels

Why: because it’s “No hassle only tassels”. Summer will be all about being cute, colourful and trendy and tassels exemplifies it. Tassels are the easiest way to make your way to look trend and chirpy


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