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Japan Habba to be hosted in SJC

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BENGALURU: The 13th edition of Japan Habba is all set to happen on February 12 in St Joseph’s College, Bengaluru.

The annual Indo-Japan cultural festival aims at promoting and strengthening Indo-Japan bilateral ties by creating an opportunity for people to experience Japanese culture, language and food.  Japan Habba attracts a wide range of visitors who are curious about Japanese culture, Japanese natives living in Bengaluru to other foreign nationals.


The main attraction of this festival is that people can take part in a traditional tea ceremony, try on the Japanese traditional costume called ‘Yukata’ and try their hand at Japanese calligraphy, play traditional Indian and Japanese games and view various art forms on display like Origami, Kirigami and Ikebana.

In this event, one can see Japanese nationals singing popular Kannada songs and dancing to Bollywood numbers. Indian nationals will be performing dramas in Japanese.

The festival has been taking place since 2005 in various parts of Bengaluru. Last year the festival happened in Jnana Jyothi Auditorium, Bengaluru. The theme for the event is: Maneki Neko, ‘Beckoning Cat- May luck favour all.’


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