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The ‘Circle of Life’ painting exhibition at UB City

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Rahul & Tresa

BENGALURU:  The ‘Circle of Life’, a pen and ink painting series by Ashu Gupta is put on exhibit at the Sublime Galleria in UB City from January 13 till February 4.The artworks showcased are a result of the artist’s work for more than a year.

The price of the paintings ranged from Rs 24,000 to Rs 60,000. The artist, Ashu Gupta is an interior designer trained at NFID on various mediums which include pen and ink on canvas, wood paper and mixed media on paper. All of the paintings which were put up were of different dimensions starting from 12*12 to 36*36 and 48*24 inches and are available for sale.


A painting displayed at the exhibition   Credit: RAHUL


“My current exhibition – which uses pen and ink to depict various circles of life – has 20 artworks. It’s taken me over two years to complete it,’’ said Ashu Gupta. Balance, focus, illusion, diversity and tranquillity were the names given to the set of paintings portrayed by the artist.

The painting ‘Illusion’ was one such work that made you realise that to truly understand ourselves we need to delve deeper. The autumn leaf in the ‘Embrace the Change’ artwork encouraged you to be present and adapt as you move forward. The ‘Life’ was another artwork that depicted two pieces of work. It showcased the importance of other people in our life. Friends, relatives, teachers each in their own way contribute to the growth of an individual’s personality. While some like the ‘Summit’, conveyed the importance of goals in life and, some others like the ‘Bloom’ revealed the importance of colours in life that are responsible for bringing a smile to our faces.

“This particular series is inspired by nature. I’ve always enjoyed the many different ways you can look at nature; every element is unique. Specifically, trees hold a special place, and although it seems unrelated, trees and eyes inspire a lot of my artwork. They’re both similar in the sense that no two are ever the same,’’ said Ashu Gupta.

She told The Beacon that, “My work was listed by the prestigious Lalit Kala Akademi, a national body that recognises the most talented artists in the country


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