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B’luru runs for awareness of rare diseases


BENGALURU: The Organization for Rare Diseases India (ORDI) organized Race for 7, a 7000 meter run to raise awareness for the 7000 documented rare diseases on February 26 in the city. ORDI is a non-profit organization committed to addressing the challenges of the rare disease community in India. “Rare diseases are not really as rare as we think. It is estimated that there are 70 million rare disease patients in India and one out of every twenty Indians suffer from a rare disease,” said Prasanna Shirol, Founder Member of ORDI flagging off the run at St Joseph’s Indian High School ground. “Through Race for 7, we want to amplify the voice of rare diseases patients so that there is greater awareness created about


participants at the run                                                                                                STIFAN 

the needs and challenges of the rare disease patients and their care givers,” he added. The biggest challenge rare disease patients face is diagnosis, treatment and access to affordable care. It takes on an average seven years for a rare disease to be diagnosed.

“Eighty percent of rare diseases are genetic in origin while the rest is the result of infections, allergies and environmental causes. Fifty percent

of patients are children who rarely make it past their fifth birthday due to their illness and resultant complications,” said Dr Meenakshi Bhat, Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Centre for Human Genetics. The event was held to commemorate Rare Disease Day, which falls on the last day of February. The theme for this year’s Rare Disease Day is research with the slogan ‘Research possibilities are endless’ to highlight the importance of research on rare diseases. “Lack of available treatments leaves rare disease patients searching for new options. More research in rare diseases will help speed treatments to market and transform the lives of patients and their families,” said Dr Anita Patwani


TORQUE RACING wins an award at EK-15


BENGULURU:  A team TORQUE RACING consisting of 11 budding mechanical engineers from Saptagiri College have won ‘The most dynamically balanced kart’ award at the EK-15 at Rathibad, Bhopal. Shree Harsha, a final year student and chief designer of TORQUE RACING said, “It all started when we sat together to discuss about the possibility on how to improve our knowledge.”

The event EK-15 was hosted by Elie Techno Goups ‘RPM CIRCUIT’ Rathibad, Bhopal was based on students building Go-Karts on their own in best possible ways. It was held for three days and saw participants from across the country. There were 2000+ students from 137 top engineering colleges, 57 major cities from 16 states accounting to 168 teams.

2017-02-25 01.19.47 1.jpg

Team Torque                                                                                                 AMEENA

While describing their innovation, he said that we have built the design from the scratch just the way a new kart is built. He further said that we have features like classis design, damping system, GPS positioning, firewalls, two kill switches and two fire extinguishers, which makes our kart unique. He finally said that it would not be possible for them to reach here without the support of our faculty.


Urban migrant students targeted for bullying


BENGALURU: Five victims approached The Beacon and told us their story about how they  are being victimized in their PGs. Two of the victims are from North East India. Lia (name change) talking about her being ill-treated and bullied at her PG said, “I had to pay 8k as a rent and extra 3k , yet I was not given  proper food to eat, the food that was given was not even tasty”. These students who have come to study from far thinking they might be safe are being tortured where they stay.

The victims informed that they had complained to the PG owner, to which they replied that the guests had to adjust with each other. While speaking to another victim, Shrina Pies, a student of Bangalore said, “I had to wake up in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. due to cold water that was poured on me. Whenever I went to have bath they kept knocking at the door, switching off the geyser or switching off the lights. I was made to stand outside the room, wearing only a towel to cover myself and they kept throwing water at me taking turns.”



“If someone is tortured they are liable for certain sections like section 323- punishment for voluntarily causing hurt,  which says that even if someone volunteers to cause hurt they can be punished under law. But the victims have to report the case to the police for action to be taken,” said Ivina Miranda, Advocate, High Court of Bombay at Goa. “I had to stay in the dark room facing the darkness of the room as well as myself. I hated to remember those things that they did to me. I could not tell this to my parents, as I knew they were struggling too. How could I ever tell them, that their son was made to do acts that were shameful. I know that by attempting to suicide I did not do anything right but I was also not able to carry on with my life,” said Anmol Devnath  (name change).

Bullying now a days has become one of the common crimes, since there is no specific law that is guaranteed to safeguard the victims. Raunaq Kapoor, student of Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce said, “The PG owner promised to give a private bathroom. Till now I have not been given a private bathroom and the one which is provided is used by him.”

Intercollegiate fest ‘Tek Olma’ inaugurated at SJC


CAMPUS: The one day inter collegiate physics fest of the post graduate students of Physics, ‘Tekolma’, was inaugurated on February 27, 2017. Dr Sharath Ananthamurthy, Professor at Bangalore University inaugurated the fest which was held at Xavier’s hall in SJC. Dr Ananthamurthy spoke about the importance of culture and physics in today’s world and said that, “We have to make physics a habit. It’s really all about how we perceive the nature and everything that is happening around us. Make physics your culture.”

kAVERI 2.jpg

Dr Sharath Ananthmurthy in discussion                                                                          KAVERI

 Dr Sandiago, the HOD of the Physics Department addressed the students and said, “ Tek Olma’ for me is uniqueness where students can come and exhibit their talent and participate and learn through various activities and fun games.”

“Tek Olma’ happens once in two years and it’s a full day event with various things in store. We have events like physics quiz, Apocalypse, Quark soup, Asimovium, which is Similar to story writing, Photon capture, a photography event, Tony’s Garage and Legion of boom, which is something like treasure hunt but related to physics,”  said Manjunath M, one of the coordinators of the event. Students from various colleges in the city have registered for the event.

Fourth edition of SteppinOut


BENGALURU: With over twenty two restaurants, six food trucks, and ten dessert counters, the fourth SteppinOut food festival was organized in UB city on February 26, 2017. Rices Obliquity (RO), the parent company mainly focuses on night life events like concerts and pubs. They also own ‘Hangover’ bar. SteppinOut is a surrogate brand of this company. In SteppinOut, there are a lot of outdoor activities like food festival, movie nights, and comedy nights. SteppinOut is basically you step out of your house and do anything that is non dance oriented.

Reshma 3.JPG

The food truck owner                                                                                              RESHMA 

All the best restaurants come under one roof like food trucks, dessert counters, and bars. “We are trying to sell out a really good experience,” said Safdhar Adoor, one of the organizers of the food festival. Famous food stalls among many were SOCIALS, Hard Rock Café, The Big Brewsky, Stoners etc. “We had to choose twenty tworestaurants over two hundred others because of the space constraint. We ran a poll on people’s choice to know which restaurants they prefered the most and according to the results we short listed these restaurants. ” said Safdhar Adoor.