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9th annual BIFFES, a grand success

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BENGALURU: The 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival opened with massive gatherings of film enthusiasts at Orion mall, which screened films across 11 screens this year. The film festival began on February 2 and will go on till February 9, 2017.
This year over 230 films were screened and they chose the same venue as last year, even though there was a lot of chaos in managing crowd the previous year. So this year, they tweaked their way by dividing important films across different screens playing at the same time so that people have good options to choose from and divide their schedule accordingly. This created a sense of balance in the venue consisting of multiple screens.

Apart from the big success of the festival, the issue on the recent law passed on standing up for the national anthem in the theatres as a sign of expressing patriotism did transpire. An anonymous person from the crowd who was drunk, created a havoc in the last screening of the day.He refuted to stand up for the national anthem as he had already stood up five times on the same day. The organizers had to escort him out of the screen and led him to another screen that was showing the same movie.

“There was no issue as such, we were prepared for events like this to occur and we managed the situation in a professional manner,” said Vidhya Shankar, the Artistic Director of BIFFES.


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