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HDFC employees go on strike

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BENGALURU: Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC Bank) employees went on a strike demanding proper salary condition and better service conditions on February 6 in Bengaluru. The protest was held in various branches of HDFCBank in Bengaluru.
Speaking to The Beacon, S. Y. Shahin, General Secretary of HDFC Bank Employees Union
said, “There are more than 9,500 employees employed under CTC salary structure and are denied of proper working facilities. Employees have been transferred to other states suddenly. Hence we demand that the transfers be revoked.”


HDFC Bank employees protesting at K.H Road                                                                                STIFAN

“We demand that the employees must be paid proper wages and sufficient leaves should be granted to all contract employees employed on regular jobs, to adhere to All India
Settlement and to rectify the anomaly in fixation of mediclaim, insurance premium of
retires, which is double the actual amount and also to rectify the loss incurred to HDFC on payment of excess premium regarding the existing employees,” he added.

The Union was urging the bank authorities to withdraw the memo issued to those who
have worked over time and pay them their due wages, to stop harassment of the staff at
Thanneermukkom branch in Kerala who are denied section jobs from December onwards,
to stop double standards in the issues related to currency exchange, to withdraw orders
issued imposing restrictions on opening of new accounts by deposit collectors which reduces their commission income. The Union threatned to continue the strike for days to
come if the demands are not met by the bank authories.The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited got named as HDFC Bank Limited in August 1994 with its
headquarters in Mumbai.


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