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Kannada Gottilla teaches Kannada through WhatsApp

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BENGALURU: An initiative ‘Kannada Gottilla’ started by a Pune based techie now enables
people to learn Kannada through WhatsApp. Bangalore has been a home to people from different parts of the world, and Kannada being widely used by the natives of the city, “Kannada Gottilla” is one common phrase used by every non- Kannada speaker in the city. This move is an initiative to help the urban migrants get familiar with the language
who move to Bangalore from different cities and countries for work and education.

The initiative Kannada Gottilla was started by a Pune based techie, Anup Maiya after being
inspired by the work done by Rj Prithvi. He started this initiative among a small group of his friends on WhatsApp and decided to take it on a larger scale. Apart from having WhatsApp as one of their main mediums, they also conduct one day workshops, interact and continue teaching through blogs, Facebook and their website.



The founder of the group Anup Maiya came up with a catchy name for his initiative because he says this is a most commonly used phrase in the city by the people who do not know the language.The WhatsApp groups are created consists of 3 team members who are responsible for teaching three new sentences to the batch everyday and also dealing with queries.Each group consists of 25 registered students. They learn and interact through WhatsApp text messages and audio messages.

Anyone who wishes to learn can register on their website and soon be a part of their classes or training sessions. Their audience is a good mix of people from various states, foreign countries, people from various professional backgrounds and different age groups. Mr Maiya said, “We even have retired people as our students and it feels great to see them coming forward to learn and put in all effort.”

The team of Kannada Gottilla consists of 12 members who help people in learning the language. The team slowly started expanding after people started reading about their initiative in newspapers and magazines. Mr Maiya said,“Now we have begun conducting training and interviews for those who wish to join the team because we believe that knowing the language is different from teaching the language.”


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