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Professionals opine on Union Budget

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BENGALURU: The good, the bad and polices that come out of the Union Budget, announced on February 1, 2017-18 was discussed in Bangalore International Centre on February 4. The Union Budget includes a detailed expenditure of India’s revenue and capital budget of the year.


The panelists on Union Budget                                               RESHMA

The panelists were, Prof S.L. Rao, former Director General INCAER, Dr M. Gowinda Rao, former member of the 14th Union Finance Commission, Prof Charan Singh, a RBI Chair Professor at the Indian Institute of Management and Narayan Ramachandran who formerly worked for Morgan Stanley.

Prof Charan Singh in his presentation showed that the statistics in education and health is reasonably positive. There is an enhancement of the health budget by over 27 percent. Overall in the world, with so many uncertainties, India serves as a positive space for investors.

The objective of any fiscal policy and budget is a part of employment and growth. The Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak Yojana, agriculture, housing, infrastructure like roads and rails are all growth and employment oriented.

Narayan Ramachandran was of the opinion that the budget didn’t do much. “I would suggest that you look at it as an impression painting rather than a Rembrandt,” he said. The government has what we know, a sedimentary rock approach towards education and skill development.

There are many programs like MNSBC, Sankalp, Swayam and Stride which are powerful sedimentary ossified words. They have introduced more programs while other programs are already in place for skill development. One cannot complete the task of improving a child’s skill in 3 or 4 months which could not be accomplished by primary schools over the years. The scores in India of the primary education are pathetically deteriorating.


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