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Vaccination campaign launched in the city

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BENGALURU: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, in association with the Government of Karnataka have launched a state wide vaccination campaign. The aim is to eradicate measles and rubella from India by 2020. All children between the age of 9 months to 15 years will be targeted. The campaign will run from February 7, 2017.


Launching of nationwide vaccination campaign in front of Vidhana Soudha      NDTV.COM

Although the measles vaccine confers immunity in 85% of children, a substantial number of children remain unprotected even if they had been vaccinated said a press release. Hence this campaign is an opportunity to the susceptible group of children to get vaccinated again and boost their immunity.

Dr Ravishankar M., Secretary of the Indian Peadtrics Association – Karnataka Branch, told The Beacon that, “In Europe and America these two diseases have been eradicated. We are going all out to control it by 2020, because the consequences are deadly. It can even be fatal.”

Measles spreads through coughing and sneezing and the symptoms are a visible red rash on the body and high fever. Rubella during pregnancy can cause congenital anomalies.


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