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Children’s Film Society launches web series

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BENGALURU: The 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival is underway from February 2-9 2016. In conjunction with this event, The Children’s Film Society of India, announced their new plans, which include the launch of a web series. It will be a series of scripted and non scripted videos, generally in an episodic form, which will be released on the Internet.



It can be watched on a range of platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Dr Shravan Kumar, CEO, Children’s Film Society of India, has said, “ We are going digital and we will reach all corners of the country. As we take the online route, we can connect with more kids.” He also added that their plans for 2017 include not only a web series, but also a World Bank sponsored workshop and 200 catalogue films. They are
confident of improving the quality as the digital space is highly competitive.

Nilam Calla, the Principal of a Montessori school in Bengaluru , speaking to The Beacon said, “ The web series for children is a welcome idea as it will nurture creativity and broaden their horizons. Children’s films are generally limited to festivals. So many children are now online, it will give them an avenue to see some quality work, instead of just surfing the net. “ The web series will be launched in March 2017, and the content will be for children, and at times, even made by children.


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