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CODE recycling cigarettes for a cause

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BENGALURU: Code Enterprises started by a Delhi based duo offer a one stop solution for cigarette waste by recycling every component found in them. Their main aim is recycling cigarette waste and converting them into other useful products, thus controlling the environmental degradation. Cigarettes are not just injurious to health but are also hazardous to the environment because of its components like nicotine, tobacco and polymer. The duo team of Vishal Kanet and Naman Gupta collect cigarette waste every 15 days from their customers who comprise of individual smokers, cigarette vendors or petty
shopkeepers, corporate offices, guest houses etc. This is done with a subscription period which lasts from 3 months to one year.


RETAILERS COLLECT CIGARETTE BUTTS                                         CODE

The Co- Founder Naman Gupta said, “We collect cigarette waste from our customers on a regular basis and give them a sum of money in return as a form of incentive.” Apart from using social media as a medium, they also meet people and spread the messages on environmental effects that cigarettes can cause. “We pay 700 rupees for collecting one kg of cigarettes and the amount is good enough for anybody to help,” added Mr Gupta. After collecting the cigarette waste from their customers, the recycling process begins. They start with separating components like paper, ash and polymer and use them to produce or manufacture various other products. Tobacco and paper are converted into organic manure, polymer is used as a substitute for cotton in the making of soft toys, key chains, mats and cushions and finally ash is used to make fly ash bricks.

CODE stands for Conserving Our Depleting Environment and this new enterprise is based in Delhi and was started by two friends on July 2016, where they researched about the disposal of the cigarette waste and came up with this idea. Despite the fact that cigarettes do have health hazards they aimed at focusing on the environmental aspect and to this query Mr Gupta responded saying, “Cigarettes are a legal product and people will continue to smoke until it is made illegal or the manufacturing is curbed but even so, cigarette smoking today has decreased because a single cigarette is priced high and when we go to collect the waste from retailers they tell us that their cigarette sales have actually gone down.”


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  1. Chaitanya says:

    Hey guys u r doing a well-done work …
    I appreciate it …
    If any help from my side I can do notify mine.
    Gud luck further steps keep going on

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