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KJS demands justice for women

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BENGALURU:  Karnataka Jana Shakti (KJS) and other like-minded associations protested against the inaction of the government with regard to the cancellation of the license of four private hospitals and doctors in Kalburgi who conducted unnecessary hysterectomy for monetary gain. Representatives of these progressive organizations, who have taken the lead to fight for the rights of the afflicted women, disclosed the reasons behind the protests while addressing the media on February 6 in Bengaluru.


PROTESTERS  ADDRESSING                                               CREDITS-STIFAN

“In 2015, women in some of the villages in Kalburgi shared with us that some disease is spreading there, which is leading women to lose their uterus. We then conducted an investigation in 38 villages of the district,” said Thrimurthy D.M. member of Karnataka Jana Shakti. When the incident was brought to the notice of the government, two committees were formed by the Department of Health and Family Welfare and another by women’s commission. “Both the committees reported that the four private hospitals had violated all medical ethics and conducted hysterectomy, especially targeting the economically poor young women for financial gain,” said Kavitha S, commitee member of Vimochana. “The report had also mentioned that out of 66 women, surgeries were conducted on 8 women, though it was not necessary. The doctors have not followed any of the medical requirements prior to conducting the surgeries, nor have they maintained the records,” said Pratima R Naik, state committee member of Swaraj Abhiyan an association that has stood for the rights of the afflicted women.

The inquiry committee had noticed many deaths during and after operations. Women suffered from the deficiency of calcium, anemia, stomach pain, weakness and other ailments. When compared to government hospitals, the operations conducted at private hospitals were seven times higher. “These reports were submitted 8 months ago and the State government has not taken any action to provide compensation to the affected women, to take legal action on the offenders or precautions to prevent such violations. Though the licenses of the four hospitals were cancelled, these hospitals continue to run their ‘illegal business,” alleged Nisha Gulur, secretary of the Bengaluru region of Swarj Abhiyan. Protesters urged the government to provide compensation to the women, to close all the hospitals mentioned in the report, to cancel the license of all the doctors mentioned in the report and register criminal case against them.


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