K’taka State Government Fair Price shop dealers go on strike


BENGALURU: Karnataka State Govt. Fair Price Shop Association will be holding a protest rally on February 14, at Freedom park to demand for their rights from the government. Sri Krishnappa, State President of the association at the press conference said, “In 2014 the fair prize dealers were assured that the commission money will be deposited in their bank account and in 2016 at the 30th annual assembly Food Minister Sree Dinesh Gundravu assured again that this money will be credited to their account but it was not done. Instead of cash coupon system card coupon system has to be introduced for the ration card holders also to raise the commission from Rs.70 per quintal to Rs 150”.

He added that,for the loading and unloading workers, state government should give facilities as the central government gives. The state government has ordered that by March 2017 all the dealers have to buy laptop, printers, UPS at their own expense but the dealers want the government to give financial aid to buy these gadgets. From 2016 non gas card holders were not getting kerosene so the kerosene that was stopped for non gas card holders should be restored again. They should be given 5 liters of kerosene every month. National President of Fair Price Shop Dealers Association Delhi, Sri.Kaka Deshmukh will be participating in the protest rally.

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