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Sudhir Shetty depicts plight of people through photographs

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BENGALURU: A photography exhibition at the Rangoli metro centre, M.G road was organized by the Bangalore based social worker and photographer Sudhir Shetty on February 6, 2017.

7 feb 3 (2).JPG

Photo at display                                                                                                                           RAUNAQ

The displayed photos were based on a small village Kappatagudda in Karnataka, highlighting the impact of mining on the environment and people of that village. The exhibition was inaugurated by Santhosh Hedge, hon’ble former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India . In the works displayed by Sudhir Shetty , exploitation of the people and environment are portrayed in respect to mining projects initiated by the government and other industrialists. The people of the village have been exploited by the government.They are promised for some money and but removed from their homes for a major mining project to take place.

Neeraj R Kumar, one of the enthusiasts at the photography exhibition said that “These pictures depict the plight of the people in Kappatgudda and how the government and industries have falsely promised people homes but not given them anything.”


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