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‘Uppina Kagada’ critically acclaimed at BIFFES 2017

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BENGALURU: With the changing trends in Indian cinema, the film directors do not hesitate to make unique movies which are enthralling as well as entertaining. One such film, ‘Uppina Kagada’, by Director B Suresh is something which has critically been acclaimed in the Bengaluru International Film Festival 2017.

‘Uppina Kagada’(Sand paper) is a Kannada art film inspired by a true story which happened in Afghanistan a few decades ago. The movie has its own added elements of drama, emotion and suspense in it and it was screened for the first time in the Bengaluru International Film Festival on Feb 4, 2017.The film crossed more than one lakh views within three days and there were many footfalls for the premiere screening of ‘Uppina Kagada.’ The underlying reference to sand paper is depicted in the film with the lead actor trying to fine tune the idols with sand paper, which also symbolises that the lead actor is trying to fine tune his life and trying to correct his mistakes.



Speaking more on the movie and the experience of working in it, Milana P, an ex josephite and the assistant director of the film, said, “There are two lead characters who have equal weightage in the story. One of the male characters has the characteristics of an old man who lives in a small village in Bagalkot. The research for the film was done for 6 years and the director was thinking of ways to go about it and kept changing the script. After all the hard work, when the film was finally screened, we got some amazing responses from the critics as well as the audience which really meant a lot to the entire team.”

She further added that the film focuses on how social and political unrest can cause problems in an individual’s personal life.“Parallel cinema and art films were never really promoted as much as the commercial films. It’s the government who are really interested in taking this forward and they help the art film makers by providing them with the basic amount and helping them with the screenings as well,” she said.

The government in the olden days used to pick out 15 art films which are in the making and fund them, but now with the increasing number of art films being made and with the directors aiming to make more such films, the government has come up with new policies in which they fund almost 125 art films out of the lot.


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