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‘Infinitum’ after 15 years at SJC

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CAMPUS: The Department of Mathematics conducted an inter-collegiate Mathematics fest for the UG & PG students called ‘Infinitum’after fifteen years on February 9.

The event started with the inauguration of the fest, where principal Fr Victor Lobo addressed the students and encouraged them to achieve something great in this field as Mathematics requires thinking like Physics and Chemistry. He emphasised on to achieve something great that will make him proud as the origin of ‘Zero was also from India.


             Reena D’souza                                                                                                                 ASHITA

The event saw a good response from different colleges across the city. Speaking to The Beacon, MrTaral Shah, Assistant Professor, co-ordinator said, “It all happened because of the student’s interest, I just supported them and since we are conducting the event after so many years we have about nine colleges both from PG and UG department who showed up and we are overwhelmed by the response with the hope to continue the same in coming years.”

Talking about the events he added, “We have a new event specially for the UG students called the Mathematical Relay, where the runner unlike the game which involves running, solves the math problem and the result of it will lead to the next question.”  A series of six events each for UG and PG department were conducted separately.



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