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Church Street set to get a facelift

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BENGALURU:The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike ( BBMP ) is ready to roll out its upgradation plan.   Church Street will remain closed for vehicular traffic from February 10 for six months, till the work is completed.     Repairing this street, which is 715 metres long, from Brigade Road to K.C. Das on St Marks Road, will cost 9.02 crores. The work will be done in three phases.   All commercial outlets like Gangarams book shop, Blue Frog, Smallys, Matteo Coffee Shop, Bheemas and Empire Restaurant will remain open.

  Rohit Ram, a resident on Residency road  speaking to The Beacon   said, “We will definitely face a lot of difficulty till the work is complete but we have full faith in the BBMP and have been  assured by the Corporation that we will face  minimum inconvenience.” He also added that Church street has become an example of everything that is wrong with civic infrastructure horrible pavements and  a lot of potholes.

However, once the work is completed, Church Street will be revamped totally. According to Mr Ram Nagaraj, a traffic cop on Brigade road “The project will include new lanes for a  better flow of traffic, “The footpath will be redone so that people don’t find walking difficult and the entire road will be made to look cleaner, new sign posts and new traffic lights will be installed. Another new feature will be the addition of 7 parking bays for vehicles.”

feb 10 3.JPG

The work on Church Street set to begin                                                                    RAUNAQ

 New traffic signals will also be installed in church street so that traffic congestion does not take place.  Bengaluru Development Minister K.J. George and Mayor G. Padmavati will perform the ground-breaking ceremony on February 14. This comprehensive infrastructure plan is as per TenderSURE guidelines.

  The work will be executed by Kudroli Builders and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd from Goa who won the contract to redevelop Church Street.  Further, this project ensures avoiding of un-necessary road repair works by avoiding of un-necessary road repair works by various utility agencies.   This is the first time that such a large project will  be undertaken by the BBMP in Bengaluru. Architect Naresh Narasimhan is behind the redsign of the project.


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