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#HugToSave 112 trees on Jayamahal road

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BENGALURU: After the protest on the steel flyover project by BBMP, the city is all set to campaign for saving trees being cut for the road widening project on the Jayamahal road.  Citizen for Bengaluru and Neralu will be a part of the #HugToSave campaign, which will be held on Jayamahal road on February 11.

The volunteers of both the teams along with other citizens of Bengaluru will form a human chain and hug trees as part of their campaign. Janani Eswar, an active volunteer for Neralu said, “This is our way of saying that we care for the trees in the city and that people are aware of these things.” This campaign is a reflection of the Chipko and Appiko movement which went on to become the rallying point for many future environmental movements all over the world.


#HugToSave poster                                                                                                               NERALU

Citizens for Bengaluru have been fighting against the steel flyover project through the #Beda campaign.  Recently there was a public notice issued by the BBMP, which asked for a public objection against the cutting of trees for the road widening project.

  Shrinivas Alavilli, a volunteer from Citizens for Bengaluru said, “The very fact that BBMP has asked for a public objection is a victory for the public, once they see the public actively participating. They cannot make a move before thinking twice.”  They have also interacted with people through door to door campaigning on the Jayamahal road, asking people to write letters to the BBMP and collecting signatures from the people.

  Mr Alavilli also said that these campaigns are a reflection of peoples’ frustration against the cutting of trees for every new project coming up. He also added, “There are thousand reasons for not cutting a tree, people should cut trees only when there is no other option left.”



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