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13th edition of the Japan Habba at SJC

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CAMPUS: The 13th edition of Japan Habba festival conducted with the collaboration of Consulate of Japan and the Department of Japanese language in Bangalore University at SJC on February 11 & 12, 2017.


Trust honors the performer during the event                                                                                    ANIT

Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan, inaugurated the two-day cultural event. “Japanese are surrounded by many cultures, which actually came from India, that relation strengthened both countries to stay together and support each other,” said Hiramatsu in the keynote address.

The theme of Japan Habba 2017 is “Maneki-Neko: Beckoning Cat”, which is a Japanese good luck charm for fortune.
During the inaugural ceremony, Japanese Taiko Drum performer Ryutaro Kaneko and ‘Shinobue’ bamboo flute performer Yasukazu Kano performed Japanese cultural composition together. Japanese pop singer Shiho Rainbow also performed.
A cultural fashion show was also conducted by the Indians, where the models walked the ramp wearing Saree and Kimono.
The idea of the fest was to celebrate Japanese culture, said Srividya A, the Chairperson of Japan Habba Trust.


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