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20th edition of ISD at St Joesph’s College

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CAMPUS: Witnessing the world on one stage with a motto of ‘One world- One Host’, a 20th edition of International Students Day (ISD) will be conducted by the Federation of International Students Associations Bangalore (FISA-B) on February 19.
The organization transcends all national and cultural barriers bringing about a feeling of togetherness and also more than 60 countries across the globe would be taking part. Dr Francis Lobo is the Founder and Director of the International Student Association of Christ University.
Other events as part of the organization dedicated for these students are FISABALL, FISA Foodfest, Graduation Day and many more. “This is the second time at SJC we’re having the association. Last year it was a great success and we’re hoping for the same this year,” said Anish Chakal,  Joint General Secretary of ISD.


MEMBERS OF THE ISA                                                                  MEGHA                                          

The occasion will have different nationalities displaying their cultural dance, with an ethnic parade, including an exhibition of around 16 stalls displaying their diverse cultural and ethnicity.
The event will take place at St Joseph’s Arts and Science Auditorium from 12 p.m. onwards.


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