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BBMP invites suggestions for the Budget

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BENGALURU: In a recent development about completion of the Budget draft, a release by Mayor G Padmavathi appealed to the public to participate in the completion and drafting the budget for the AY 2017-2018.
It was also mentioned in the release that a suggestion box would be instilled at the BBMP head office for suggestion across any development for the city. When The Beacon asked the PR officer, Dr Shivasharanappa S Khandre about this, he said, “We have not received any letter so far, it has only been a day though. But we hope we get suggestions from people across all fields and help us frame our budget”. He further added that the suggestions can vary cross ways for any development that the citizens would want to see in their city. It can be for infrastructural development, better road or traffic system or just cleaner road and a cleaner city.
Adding to the budget issue, MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) contractor M N Balasubramaniam, said that the budget should be framed in such a way that there is actual development and not swooping of money in the name of development. He added, “The designated engineer for development by the government should physically go about the nooks and corners of the city to draw an estimate of the actual budget required every month. Take honest suggestion and consent. We’ve been independent for 73 years now and still have poor roads and yet we talk such big words about budget, this should make sense one day.”

The BBMP expects people participation to draw a clean image about the actual development and make sure that the public money is utilised accordingly with their consent.


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