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Dalit Sene urges for action

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BENGALURU: Dalit Sene urges the government to take immediate action against M.B. Biradar, Sub-Inspector of Kalkeri police station of Sindagi taluk, Bijapur district who allegedly assaulted Jiabheem Hosamani, a Dalit leader.

A case filed under IPC section 363,376/2 against the people who assaulted a 16 year old girl in December, which lead to the Dalits seeking justice when the Sub Inspector did not handle the case with professionalism and transpare.


DALIT SENE MEMBERS                                                        DERRICK

President of the Dalit Sene, M.S Jagannath said in a press conference that the family members and Jiabheem were taken into the custody without any prior notice and were beaten up.He also said that they have been fighting for justice for the past 60 days but have not received any reply from the concerned authority.

A request was sent to the higher police officers including the Superintendent of Police of Bijapur district and the Deputy Commissioner of Bijapur.There will also be a protest held in Bengaluru on February 20 at Town Hall.


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