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Milan Vaishnav’s book launch on Feb 14

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BENGALURU: Senior Fellow at the South Asia Program, Milan Vaishnav, who conducted research primarily focused on analyzing the Indian economy, state governance and election finance, was in the city to launch his book, ‘When Crime Pays’ on February 14, 2017.
As part of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Vaishnav attempts to examine the realms of election politics, the voting system in the country and corruption.
Vaishnav while talking about his book said, “Politics is a marketplace. Elections are becoming exceptionally costly and parties need to plug that physical hole they are facing.


Manav Vaishnav                                                                                                                      ASHIMA

So they seemingly look for self financing candidates, who have ‘deep pockets’ and those involved in criminal activity are one such demographic and who has resources. These politicians use their criminality as a sign of credibility to get things done and to protect the interests of their constituency.” The book focuses on the current state of voting system, the criminal background of elected leaders and election of these leaders.


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