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RNFF 2017 becomes national this year

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CAMPUS: Rushes Film Club conducted their very first Film Festival, ‘Rushes National Film Festival’ (RNFF). This event will be taking place from February 16-17.

TS Nagabharana, a renowned film director from the Kannada film industry and a pioneer of parallel cinema, inaugurated the festival. RNFF was established by the Department of Communication in the year 2015.They aim to provide a platform for students and upcoming filmmakers, who struggle to get a place otherwise.

They are given an opportunity to display their work, attend a variety of discussions, and gain an exposure. “Cinema is one of the biggest inventions of this century; it’s a boon for the mankind. Cinema is not only camera; there is always a heart, emotion, humanness behind it. It is a very strong tool and should be used to guide the audience properly,” said TS Nagabharana. He also added, “Cinema in education and education in cinema is a slogan that I always follow.”


    INAUGURAL FUNCTION OF RUSHES                                        SHIVANGEE

The film festival after the inauguration began with its morning session with a few movie screenings. From India there were nine: Café Paradise by Adwait Abhayankar, Stars by Neeraja Rajkumar, The Big Feast by Nithin Anil, Children of Soil by Uttarayan Sengupta, Purappadu by Rinish Ravindra, The Unfinished Poem by Mukherjee, Spill Over by Pranav Bhasin, Beyond Crimson Tiles by Ankita Panda and Black Board by Hyash Tanmoy.

There were also screenings from Indonesia and Israel, which were Heart in a cup by Regian Syah and Drop by Yotam Knispel. Krishnarjun Bhattacharya was invited as the jury panelist who is the author of The Tantrics of Old Trilogy and a storyteller interested in horror and dark fantasy.


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