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‘Rushes’ crafts many aspirant film-makers

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Ashima & Megha

CAMPUS:: The final day of RNFF began with the short film screenings from various countries. There were nine films from India, screened in languages – Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and English. The films screened were Thankamma by Ramabhadran B, Ithivruttham by Vishvak Khanderao, Stuck in a Daydream by Rahul Tampi, Pata Hai Phir Bhi by Roshan Rane, Tic Tac Toe by Sumantra Roy, Sayonara by Guruprasad, Pu by J Bibin Joseph and Wo Kshanikc Antral by Parth Saurabh and Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi by Himanshu Prajapati.  A Russian film that also got into the National Film Festival was Cruel Curiosity by Tatyana Zvanskaya.

TV personality, B. Suresh was also present at the event, to coach aspiring filmmakers. A workshop conducted by B. Suresh taught the students by discussing a few films and how each of them tried to communicate its message to its viewers.



TV personal B Suresh                                                                                                           MEGHA


While interacting with the students, he inculcated a generic sense of cinema photography; teaching the crowd about various camera angles, audio skills, working around creating a good frame. He also engaged the students in identifying shots, acts, climax and more. “While you write, you write for yourself. Unfortunately, it becomes a product. In marketing terms, it is called property. Likewise, cinema is neither connoted nor denotated. It simply has a collective meaning,” he said.

Apart from just watching the films, it was more of educating students in a more in-depth study of filmmaking, through workshops and talks by renowned people from the media industry.

There was also a talk conducted by Vasanthi Hariprakash who is a newspaper editor, TV journalist, Radio, and TV anchor. She also has a record of social activism to boot. The film festival ended with distributing prizes and a closing ceremony with the thanksgiving speech from the Vice President of Rushes.

Sanjay Rajan, a student from the second year said, “It went pretty well for a first time national event. Some sessions  were great.”

The film festival ended with distributing prizes and a closing ceremony with the thanksgiving speech from the Vice President of Rushes. “I’m grateful to all the people who worked for Rushes, and without them, we couldn’t have achieved what we did so far. It went more perfectly than expected,” said Aman S. Raju, Vice President for RNFF.


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