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Discussion on Ayn Rand’s Fountain Head and Objectivism

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BENGALURU: ‘Yard of the bards’ organised a book discussion on Ayn Rand and her manifesto at Bookworm, Church street on February 19.The organisation provides a platform for all those, interested in sharing their views, opinions and ideologies on the author’s works and philosophy. The books that were discussed were The Fountain Head and Atlas Shrugged.


MEMBERS AT DISCUSSION                                                                                                      SUNNY SKY

Ayn Rand is a Russian-American novelist born to Russian Jewish parents. She later moved to America to become a screenwriter. Rand’s stories, full of drama and intrigue, portray businessmen, inventors, architects, workers and scientists as noble, passionate figures. She believed in Objectivist philosophy.

Speaking about Ayn Rand’s views on communism and innovation and relevance of it today, the group discussed Nano. When Tata launched Nano for such a cheap price of Rs 1,00,000 catering to the middle-class family it was not a huge success as people who buy that car would be labelled as the one who buys the cheapest product. “Today we have huge traffic jams in all metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and making cars cheaper is not a great idea. We should come up with the concept of mass transport,’’ said one of the group members.

“We buy products to increase our reputation amongst members of the society. I would call that as a parasitic mindset also’’ said the group members. “But also the economy prospers in the process. When you make a car, the car must sell as well,” was another member’s opinion.

If the government was into economics  30 years ago as it is today, our economy would have drastically improved and we could have beaten the free market economy countries like HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Dubai,19th century America.

Exploring Ayn Rand’s views on life, one of the group members said, “Anything that is good for life is good’’. It includes value of good people, rational friends, rational family members, even dramatic love, good form of art,virtues of productivity.

Ayn Rand views communism as people sucking on your blood. However, in her books she does not measure the instance of capitalism causing a toll on the society. In her world, she does not talk about the vicious circle of poverty,how the poor stays poorer and the rich gets richer


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