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Bellandur lake caught fire, yet again

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BENGALURU: Bellandur lake, caught fire on Friday. This is the second time the lake has caught fire creating chaos to people in and around the city. On May 16, 2015, the froth at the northern waste weir (Yamalur weir) of Bellandur lake caught fire and this created fear among the people living in that area leading to a major public outcry. Sanchita Jha, a resident of Bellandur, an IT employee has started an online petition in order for immediate clean up of Bellandur lake as well as the residents went on the streets and has urged the government from illegal dumping and burning of garbage The mismanagement of urban waste water in particular and
other environmental process accompanying urbanisation such as solid waste generation has been resulting in pollution of most of the lakes. Sherin George a student of environmental science said, “the story of Bellandur lake is a classic example of ‘use and abuse.’ The remediation efforts prove that it costs nothing to preserve our natural water bodies, to begin with.” A report has been submitted by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board uncovered that the inflow of untreated sewage to the lake had prompted to the foam. As of now, the residents have demanded that the state government and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah respond to the situation immediately and save the lake.


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