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‘Kappatagudda Hills’ demand justice

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A view of Kappatagudda Hills                                             


BENGALURU: The Karnataka Wildlife Board, headed by CM Siddaramaih held a meeting at Vidhan Soudha on February 20, 2017 to make a decision on the status of Kappatagudda  Hills. The rich green forests at Kappatagudda Hills in Gadag, Karnataka which is facing
threats of mining activities are in the fight of getting back their ‘reserve’ status from the state government.
The state government had declared the hills as a conservation reserve on December 19, 2015 due to its inhibition of its therapeutic plant cover. The Karnataka Wildlife Board, headed by CM
Siddaramaiah withdrew the reserve statuson November 4, 2016. The ‘Save Kappatagudda campaign was initiated by the seer of Tontadarya Mutt, Siddalinga Swamy. Social activists like S.R. Hiremath, Ravi Krishna Reddy, Raghavendra Kushtagi and several others. H.K Patil, the Minister for Rural Development had initiated the meeting with the Karnataka Wildlife Board after the series of protests for the reimbursement of Kappatagudda Hills as a conservation reserve. Sudhakar S, Deputy Range Forest Officer cum Surveyor said that, “ The decisions of the meeting will be out in about three to four days after CM Siddaramaih studies the relevant documents”.


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