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Memorial held for Gopala Krishna Adiga

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Gathering for Gopalakrishna Adiga’s memorial                                                      Jayasimha


BENGALURU: Kannada Sahitya Parishat (KaSaPa) on February 18, celebrated the birth centenary of  Gopalakrishna Adiga, the doyen of modernist literary movement (Navya) in Kannada. The day long celebration included poetry reading, panel discussions and talks on Adiga’s life and literature.

Adiga Nenapu Adigadige  a book on life and works of Gopala Krishna Adiga authored by B.V.Kedilaya, a close disciple of Gopala Krishna Adiga were released during the function.

Speaking on Adiga’s poetry author B.K. Kedilaya said that Adiga was a very powerful writer who fought for artistic creativity and his poetry was a quantum leap in Kannada literary world.

N.Vidyashankar, publishers and a close aid of Adiga recalled his memories with Adiga. He said that Adiga always used to be surrounded by youths and shaped the literary sensibilities of his generation. He  quoted P. Lankesh, a great Kannada writer who once spoke of Adiga as an eye opener for an entire generation.

Chandrashekara Nangali, noted critic said that Adiga used metaphors to convey and express his thoughts and experiences. “I would like to call Adiga, the  Janus of Kannada poetry as Adiga could look at the future and the past simultaneously. I call his multidimensional attitude as Janus pragjne,” he opined.

“Gopala Krishna Adiga wrote at a crucial movement in Kannada literary history  when the two important literary movements ‘Navya’ and ‘Navodaya’ were in transition stage. He inspired and influenced host of Kannada writers including U.R.Anantamurthy, P.Lankesh, Purnachandra Tejaswi, G.H.Nayaka, K.V.Thirumalesh, N.S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta, among others,” said Shankara A.V., a literary enthusiast who was present during the celebration. He also said that Adiga was the first poet to contest elections in Karnataka.

Earlier that day, eminent Kannada poets K.S.Nissar Ahmed and N.S.Lakshminarayana Bhatta inaugurated the function. Senior journalist Jayarama Adiga and president of Kannada Sahitya Parishat Dr.Manu Baligar were present during the imagination.



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