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Workshop on glass painting by Malini Shetti

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Rahul Raj Manuel

BENGALURU: A workshop on glass painting was conducted by Malini Shetti at Bloom & Grow, Bangalore on February 21, 2017. The participants were taught the technique of shading and blending with the Pabeo glass colors.

Malini Shetti, the trainer said, “Pabeo glass colors are used to blend the colors very well unlike normal Indian colors, to give a natural acrylic or oil painting look. It is usually imported and is slightly on the expensive side.”


Sketches at the glass painting workshop                                         RAHUL

 “A basic glass painting consists of a glass, acrylic sheet, glass colors, soft cloth and glass liners”, she added.  She has been practicing the various forms of crafts for a time span of 15 years till date. Mysore, Tanjore, Kerala mural, oil, and acrylic paintings are the various forms of art and craft that she has been involved with. She had been featured recently in the Deccan Herald metro life edition.

The workshop resulted in the production of beautiful and colorful 12” by 14” sized glass paintings created by the participants for them to take home.


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