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Fourth edition of SteppinOut

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BENGALURU: With over twenty two restaurants, six food trucks, and ten dessert counters, the fourth SteppinOut food festival was organized in UB city on February 26, 2017. Rices Obliquity (RO), the parent company mainly focuses on night life events like concerts and pubs. They also own ‘Hangover’ bar. SteppinOut is a surrogate brand of this company. In SteppinOut, there are a lot of outdoor activities like food festival, movie nights, and comedy nights. SteppinOut is basically you step out of your house and do anything that is non dance oriented.

Reshma 3.JPG

The food truck owner                                                                                              RESHMA 

All the best restaurants come under one roof like food trucks, dessert counters, and bars. “We are trying to sell out a really good experience,” said Safdhar Adoor, one of the organizers of the food festival. Famous food stalls among many were SOCIALS, Hard Rock Café, The Big Brewsky, Stoners etc. “We had to choose twenty tworestaurants over two hundred others because of the space constraint. We ran a poll on people’s choice to know which restaurants they prefered the most and according to the results we short listed these restaurants. ” said Safdhar Adoor.


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