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‘Let’s Feed Bengaluru’ spreads love through food

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 BENGALURU: A group of young volunteers of the city are on a mission to spread love by donating fresh homemade food. Let’s Feed Bengaluru is an initiative which carries food donation camps on every third Sunday of the month to slums, shelter homes and other places where food is needed.

Harshil Mittal, Founder, Let’s Feed Bengaluru said, “We do not ask people for money but just ask them to share food or cook a little extra.” The food donation camp is carried out in various areas around Bengaluru like Lakshman Rao Nagar, Ejipura, Kundanahalli, JP Nagar, Hennur, Munnekolata and Bannerghatta road.  Once people register as donors for the donation camp, volunteers from the team collect food from donors and distribute it after packing them into containers. The team also runs awareness campaigns

where people are educated on issues like hygiene, road safety, traffic signals etc. Shifali Singla, one of the volunteers from the group said, “We spread general awareness to children who do not go to school.”


Sharing homemade food with children                                          LETS FEED BENGALURU

The team has a support of over thousand donors from the city which include families,

individuals and caterers. The initiative is also spread to other cities like Delhi, Chennai and Pune. Mr Mittal said, “There are a lot of people in the society who want to do good, our team aims at providing platform to them.”



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