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Postal Employees held 31st Biennial Conference

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BENGALURU: National Federation of postal Employees held their 31st Biennial convention on February 26 at City Centuar, GT Raod. Speaking to The Beacon, P. Mallikarjuna, State  Secretary, Postman, MDS Karnataka region, said, “This conference is mainly for Bangalore East division which includes 330 members. We hold it every two years mainly to discuss about the policy programmes, rules and recognition given by the government.” He further said that Bangalore city is developing  fast and a large number of people are migrating to the city.

Due to the lack of employers and conveyance, it is difficult to render immediate service to the people. The new vacancies are not filled by the government. The  result of the two examinations are still not published.


inaugural function                                                                                                                  SHIJI

 The staff are facing a lot of work load.” Javarayig Gowda, President of AIPEU (All India Postal Employees Union) said, “The demands placed by the central government employees are not yet fulfilled. Due to the ban on recruitment many posts are vacant in the department. Delay in conducting committee meetings  and implementation of Kamalesh Chandra committee  which is to examine the wage structure and service conditions are not yet carried out.


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