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Urban migrant students targeted for bullying

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BENGALURU: Five victims approached The Beacon and told us their story about how they  are being victimized in their PGs. Two of the victims are from North East India. Lia (name change) talking about her being ill-treated and bullied at her PG said, “I had to pay 8k as a rent and extra 3k , yet I was not given  proper food to eat, the food that was given was not even tasty”. These students who have come to study from far thinking they might be safe are being tortured where they stay.

The victims informed that they had complained to the PG owner, to which they replied that the guests had to adjust with each other. While speaking to another victim, Shrina Pies, a student of Bangalore said, “I had to wake up in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. due to cold water that was poured on me. Whenever I went to have bath they kept knocking at the door, switching off the geyser or switching off the lights. I was made to stand outside the room, wearing only a towel to cover myself and they kept throwing water at me taking turns.”



“If someone is tortured they are liable for certain sections like section 323- punishment for voluntarily causing hurt,  which says that even if someone volunteers to cause hurt they can be punished under law. But the victims have to report the case to the police for action to be taken,” said Ivina Miranda, Advocate, High Court of Bombay at Goa. “I had to stay in the dark room facing the darkness of the room as well as myself. I hated to remember those things that they did to me. I could not tell this to my parents, as I knew they were struggling too. How could I ever tell them, that their son was made to do acts that were shameful. I know that by attempting to suicide I did not do anything right but I was also not able to carry on with my life,” said Anmol Devnath  (name change).

Bullying now a days has become one of the common crimes, since there is no specific law that is guaranteed to safeguard the victims. Raunaq Kapoor, student of Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce said, “The PG owner promised to give a private bathroom. Till now I have not been given a private bathroom and the one which is provided is used by him.”


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