P. Chidambaram to release ‘Fearless in Opposition’ in St Joseph’s College

Ashita / Shivangee BENGALURU: P. Chidambaram, Member of Parliament and former Finance Minister will release his book ‘Fearless in Opposition’ on April 1 at 6.00 p.m. in Xavier Hall, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Langford Road. The Department of Communication, St. Joseph’s College in collaboration with Rupa Publications, India, is conducting the event. A panel... Continue Reading →

Safety of women under scanner in Namma Ooru

­ Jeevan Biswas BENGALURU: A typical New Year’s eve celebration in Bengaluru reported on the first day of the new year is something that has remained unchanged for the past few years; families on their way to church to attend the New Year’s mass, families having a quite dinner and inviting the new year in... Continue Reading →

We’re still not recognized as human beings: Shilok

Bharath Krishna BENGALURU: The transgender community is one of the most misinterpreted community in our country. Most transgenders are usually stereotyped as sex workers, beggars or criminals. In India, transgender people include Hijras (Eunuchs), shiv-saktis, jogappas, Sakhi, jogtas, Aradhis etc. In fact, there are many who do not belong to any of the groups but... Continue Reading →

Women still face discrimination in the society

Shiji Abraham BENGALURU: Gender inequality and discrimination continues to exist in our society, though our religious belief put women at the pedestal of a goddess. We still fail to recognize her as human being first. Discrimination based on an individual’s gender or sex, often affects both men and women. In 2011, Donna Kassman, a former KPMG... Continue Reading →

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