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CDC demands to be an independent body

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BENGALURU: The Christian Development Council (CDC) demands the government to create a dedicated wing in the Minorities Welfare Department and Corporation for Christian minorities.

Ivan D’Souza, Government Chief Whip, Karnataka Legislative Council said, “The Christian community contributes the most for the development of the society and the current Christian Development Council should be declared as a Christian Development Board.”

The council for the development of the community has put forth demands such as there should be training, employment and placement centres for the upliftment of the downtrodden in the community and should also provide funds for the people to visit the holy place like Jerusalem.

While talking about the funds that are already being allotted he said, “The funds being allotted to the minorities welfare department gets distributed under various schemes due to which the proper utilization of funds is not possible.” He further added that they should have a separate body like in Andhra Pradesh so that the implementation of these schemes can be done in a better way.”

He also said that most of the people in the Christian community are below the poverty line and are living in slums. The council is unable to help these communities as the funds allotted are not being channelized as there are no seperate schemes for the Christian community.


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