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Book release of ‘History of Missions of India’ in Mariapura

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BENGALURU: The 5th volume of the book ‘The history of the missions of India’ will be released by renown scholar Sri Hampa Na at Mariapura on the occasion of the staging of the 7-hour Light and Sound Programme ‘KING SOLOMON THE WISE’ on March 4, 2017.

The book has about 180 pictures of the churches, schools, colleges, hospitals and institutions they built. The book has an elaborate introduction to the birth of the MEP Society and its work in Canada, South East Asia and in particular in South India, St Philomena’s Church, Mysuru, St Martha’s Hospital, St .Joseph’s College, St Peter’s Pontificial Seminary, St Patrick’s Church ,Sacred Heart Church, St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, Mythic Society etc. were some of the structures that the French missionaries put up.

The book was originally written in French called ‘HISTOIRE des MISSIONS DE L’INDE’ and was translated by Adrian Launay in English. He in his 5 volumes has summarised the reports, letters and documents of the history, politics, weather, natural resources. The author highlights the contribution of the missionaries to the art, architecture etc. of the country they laboured in is printed and published by Kannada Catholic Priests’ Conference of Karnataka Bengaluru in collaboration with Christ School and College, Kaggalipura, Bengaluru.


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