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IAT hosts lecture on ‘Modern problems and ancient solutions’

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BENGALURU: Institution of Agricultural Technologists (IAT) organized a lecture on Modern problems and Ancient solutions on February 28 at BJ Najundappa Hall, Queen’s Road.

Krishnappa K, Secretary IAT said, “We organize series of technical sessions, on agricultural technology, production and harvesting for the benefit of the members. Today’s lecture is on health, which is essential for the members to take care of their health. The lecture has got some remedies that will help everyone.”

The speaker NG Raghu Mohan, Former Head and Principal Scientist said, “We have entered into a catastrophe of disaster by consuming chemically contaminated food, water and junk food. Consumption of excessive tomatoes can cause kidney failure. Tomatoes produces oxalic acid which is not good for kidney, instead Tamaric acid dissolves oxalic acid.”


NG Raghu Mohan delivers his lecture                                                                              SHIJI 

He added that North India is considered as ‘Stone belt of India’ and Southern India is considered as ‘Non stone belt of India’ because kidney stone formation is very high in North India compared to South India as the North Indians do not consume Tamarind or rasam.

Another issue related to health is the use of pressure cooker. It causes dementia in people. During the high temperatures the water with the aluminum metal forms poly hydra oxides (AloH) of aluminum. Continuously mixed with cooked food certain aluminum goes into the body and later accumulates in toxic proportions, so the aluminum is replaced by the vital phosphorous present in the neurons of the nervous system. He further added that meditation and chanting can help in change of Chromosomal length.


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